Move Win16 relay messages to the relay16 channel

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Aug 3 11:22:20 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Cohen <richard at> writes:

    Richard> Uwe Bonnes wrote:
    >> Go ahead with implementing ;-)
    Richard> Here is a implementation that can exclude relay calls from
    Richard> builtin dlls.  I used '<builtin>' as the magic word because '%'
    Richard> is possible in file names.

    Richard> Calls to window procedures and DLL attach/detach are still
    Richard> shown, but that is the same as the original nrelay patch.

    >> And let's add %deferred%

    Richard> What do mean by 'deferred'?

Don't output anything, until some signal is sent or some key pressed.

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