MSXML3: initial implementation based on libxml2

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Aug 4 08:02:49 CDT 2005

"Steven Edwards" <steven_ed4153 at> wrote:

>> > Well, it's older than the version of libxml2 I'm using here, which is 
>> > libxml2-2.6.19-i686-1dl for slackware.  If you don't use xmlReadIO, then 
>> > you could use xmlReadMemory I guess.  The whole file would need to be 
>> > read into memory first.
>> Or just mmap'ed. That could be a reasonable workaround.
> Blah another Unixism. Avoiding mmap would be nice on those of us that will try to build this dll
> for ReactOS.

mmap'ing means CreateFileMapping + MapViewOfFile in win32, so that
should not be a problem.


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