secur32: add first SSPI test to actually see what work needs to be done

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Thu Aug 4 16:21:25 CDT 2005

Am Donnerstag, 4. August 2005 11:41 schrieb Kai Blin:
> * Stefan Leichter <Stefan.Leichter at> [03/08/05, 19:47:08]:
> > you have to include your test into programs/winetest/ too, to
> > get your test into the winetest.exe, which delivers the results for
> > .
> Whoops. Ok, sure. I'll fix that when I've fixed the patch.
> > Please write the test either for QuerySecurityPackageInfoA or
> > QuerySecurityPackageInfoW.
> Huh? I think the correct function will automatically be called when I
> call QuerySecurityPackageInfo() with either SEC_CHAR or SEC_WCHAR.
> Or is that an unusual way to test? I can change it to use the ...A and
> ...W functions easily.


for my understanding functions only exported from the dll should be tested. 
The dll done not export QuerySecurityPackageInfo().

Which function (ascii or unicode) will a test like this test?

sec_status = QuerySecurityPackageInfo( NULL, NULL);

As long as this test does not crash on windows it is valid. Last error and the 
correct function result can be cheched .

Bye Stefan

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