[Bug 3148] Mouse: multi-file "selection" & drag behavior broken

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 5 00:23:23 CDT 2005

Looks like someone else is having this problem.  I've
tried looking at listview.c and the treeview
equivalent as well, but I can't made heads or tails of
it.  I have no experience with C.

Anybody on this list make any changes to listview or
treeview in the last few months?


> ------- Additional Comments From
> qingdao33122 at yahoo.com  2005-04-08 23:58 -------
> About the same problem with AceFTP
> Free download for trial
> wine-20050524-1fc1winehq
> Problem starts before I do the FTP thing.
> When I drag a file within the local pane(a
> listview),
> a copy of that file is immediately created. But
> things
> don't stop there. The moment I move the mouse a bit,
> AceFTP asks me with a popup menu if want to:
>   Move to current location
>   Copy to current location or
>   Create a short
> If I choose to copy, ANOTHER copy of the file is
> created.
> After that, every time I move the mouse,
> AceFTP asks me again, thus an infinite loop
> and infinite number of copies of the same file.
> BTW. I have to use native shell related dlls for
> AceFTP to
> display the local pane. So I suspect the problem is
> with
> the interaction between native and builtin code.
> I hope my English is good enough for me to make some
> sense...
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