Patch to fix GetCommState "Invalid Argument" errors with Linux usbserial devices

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Aug 5 00:28:31 CDT 2005

James Liggett wrote:

> This patch fixes an "Invalid Argument" error in GetCommState when a
> program tries to get information about a usbserial device. With this
> patch, Wine provides a "fake" serial device control block to a Windows
> program requesting it, such that the program believes that it's
> interfacing with an actual serial port, since usbserial devices don't
> currently acknowledge traditional DCBs via tcgetattr/tcsetattr. Using
> this patch I was able to synchronize a serial-based Palm PDA with Palm
> Desktop on Wine with a pl2303 USB-serial converter. I'm also told that
> this patch also works with FTDI devices.

Hi James,

I don't think this is quite right.  The pl2303 is a standard USB-serial 
converter, and it should have a selectable baud rate (according to the 
Linux kernel's driver for it).  It has a db-9 connector on one end, and 
a usb connector on the other, right?

I'm also pretty sure that all serial ports are ttys in Linux, so your 
if(isatty()) check will always succeed.

Have you tried writing a small test program that does GetCommState and 
SetCommState on that serial device in Windows?  If it fails to set the 
baud rate perhaps there's an error code returned?


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