Wine passes WGA test

James Courtier-Dutton James at
Fri Aug 5 05:58:32 CDT 2005

Francois Gouget wrote:

> On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
> [...]
>> Also the anti wine checks appear to be disabled as the tool works in 
>> both windows 2000 and windows 98 mode, however the wine registry key 
>> string is still in the binary, maybe it's just disabled.
> IIRC it's checking the location of the old Wine config registry key. 
> This has all moved as part of the config file removal (and as was 
> planned long before WPA came around).
> No doubt they will update their WPA checks at some point...
Would it be wiser to implement a wine feature to block a particular 
application from seeing a particular registry key. We could then only 
allow the key to be visable to the application it would actually be 
useful for. I think the MS windows registry already has this feature in 
order to provide security for certain registry entries.


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