Inconsistency/bug with GetProcAddress

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Aug 7 09:02:25 CDT 2005

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

>>You could "fix" it for a specific dll by reserving a memory area using 
>>the wine-preloader, but that would be a hack.
> I think you missing the point. I'm not talking about separate runs of wine.
> I'm talking about one instance with parent & child processes. I would assume
> that each dll that has been loaded when parent started will have the same entry
> points for the child process as well. Because kernel32 is not unloadeble it's
> exports should always be in the same place guaranteed until the next reboot.

The child and parent processes are seperate runs of Wine.  Each process 
loads and initializes each dll it uses on its own.  The kernel makes no 
guarantees that a .so loaded in one process will be loaded at the same 
address in other processes.

Thinking about it more, even if we reserved an area of memory using 
wine-preloader, we can't force dlopen to use it :/


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