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Sun Aug 7 15:24:22 CDT 2005

>>>>> "biffer" == biffer os <bifferos at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

    biffer> I have an application failing to communicate at 19200, but
    biffer> working at 57600.  I've got about 40k of logs of DCB dumps for a
    biffer> case it fails (19200 baud) and the case it succeeds (57600
    biffer> baud).  If anyone wants I can post them here.

    biffer> But...

    biffer> Any particular reason why GetCommState doesn't first zero the
    biffer> passed structure, or set the size with sizeof()?

    biffer> If an app fails to zero its supplied DCB structure for a Get,
    biffer> and Windows *does* then code might work for Windows and fail for
    biffer> Wine?  I don't have a windows box to test this though.

    biffer> It also strikes me that ignored DCB elements from a Set
    biffer> operation should be stored in a map associated with the
    biffer> underlying ports so the values can be retrieved on the next Get
    biffer> call and the 'Set' will appear to have succeeded, don't know if
    biffer> anyone would like to comment on that.

What happens if you correct what you suspect an error? Does the application

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