Wine + MS Office 2000 - can not install

Tue Aug 2 11:57:34 CDT 2005

I recently installed the latest  07252005 version of wine on my
system which is running Fedora 4. The wine compile and install seemed to
go smoothly. I also downloaded the documentation ZIP file from source forge.
However, the Make procedure for the documentation failed to build.

I next attempted to install  MS Office 2000 from a CD using wine but was not 

The Office installer apparently tries to install Internet Explorer version 4 
and fails with a message

"the spilt of Internet Explorer is complete" contact web site  xxxx for 
about this problem. Click to exit.
There is a drop down box which apparently offers the option of a full or 
install of Internet explorer. However, the menu options are blank.

After closing the error message dialog box , the installer appears to 
continue on
getting more and more confused until it eventually locks up or dies.

I have tried numerous versions of wine with MS OFFice 2000.

However, I have had similar installation problems with all versions more 
than March 2004.
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