pf_vsnprintf implementatnion of 'I', 'I32' and 'I64' prefixes for type specifiers

Aneurin Price wine at
Mon Aug 8 19:03:32 CDT 2005

David Laight wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 10:35:59PM +0900, Mike McCormack wrote:
>>It's a little more complicated than you think, after you start handling 
>>all the width modifiers, various floating point formats, etc.
> Not to mention coding in the 'brokenness'!
> On windows:
>   _snprintf(buff, 3, "ab" ) returns 2, buff = "ab<0>"
>   _snprintf(buff, 3, "abcd" ) returns -1, buff = "ab<0>"
> but:
>   _snprintf(buff, 3, "abc" ) returns 3, buff = "abc"
> without NUL terminating the string.
> Do you replicate that?
> 	David

I believe my attempt at this was entirely compatible with Windows' 
behaviour (modulo some potential undiscovered bugs), including 
deviations from MSDN. Unfortunately, it wasn't very well written, and I 
can never seem to find the time to get the experience necessary to 
become competent. If anyone wants to look at it though, try the archive 
for wine-devel and wine-patches. If anyone has a *particular* interest, 
I might even have a look at it again with the benefit of at least *some* 
additional coding practice :). At least I could reduce the number of 
HeapAllocs, though I imagine there are more fundamental problems...
Aneurin Price

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