Porting Device Drivers to Winehq

John Shillinglaw jshillinglaw at hotpop.com
Tue Aug 9 09:19:24 CDT 2005


Can anyone point me to documentation/help or tools for disassembling
Windows 95 drv and vxd files and/or porting them to wine??

I have a Roland SCP-55 Soundcanvas card (pcmcia ) which is not
recognized by linux, and Windows XP ( which I don't like using anyway )
will not recognize the drivers when it prompts for a driver file.

Ideally I'd like to decode the windows drivers to help with developing a
pure linux driver.

Barring that, it seems that I should have better luck with wine since it
happly emulates and runs win 95 stuff.

However, while I've found plenty in the wine docs about running /porting
windows _programs_, almost nothing about what to do with the win 95
*.inf *.drv *.vxd and *.ini that come in the driver package for the
pcmcia card.

Thanks for the help,

Running 2.6.12-gentoo-r6 and Wine-072505 on an IBM T20 Pentium III

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