DINPUT: Generic FF effect implementation (FF #4)

Daniel Remenak dtremenak at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 03:10:07 CDT 2005

Could I get some feedback on why this has not been applied?  I've got
several additional patches prepared already that depend on it and if
something needs to be changed I'd like to know before I get even more
that do.  It still applies cleanly to CVS.  If it's just not being
applied because it's considered dead code I can submit the other
patches that actually use it.

Daniel Remenak

On 8/6/05, Daniel Remenak <dtremenak at gmail.com> wrote:
> The fourth in a series of patches to enable force feedback through
> DirectInput on linux event devices.
> Changelog:
> Add a generic force feedback effect implementation
> This patch includes a bunch of support code for all DirectInput FF
> effects, and adds stubs for a generic FF effect interface.
> Details:
> 1. Stubs for a generic implementation of the IDirectInputEvent interface
> 2. Debug utility functions to dump common structures
> 3. Implementations of necessary object functions (e.g. AddRef,
> Release, QueryInterface)
> 4. Complete implementations of system-independent SetParameters and
> GetParameters
> This patch adds two files, effect.c and effect_private.h, in the
> dlls/dinput directory.  This patch depends on FF #3 in order to
> compile.
> --Daniel Remenak
> <Attachment: ff-4-effect.diff, 20K>

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