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Wed Aug 10 08:04:42 CDT 2005

"Dimitrije Jankovic" <djankov at> writes:

> When using winegcc to crossbuild wine dlls between different platforms (for
> instance x86-linux and sparc-solaris) that have different endianess more
> problems arise, especially related to resources. The resource compiler
> has --endianess option that caould be used to crosscompile resources, but
> winebuild always reads resource files as if they were compiled natively,
> maining --endianess cannot be used to crossbuild. Correct me if I'm wrong.
> If I want to be able to crossbuild from x86-linux to sparc-solaris, I need
> to compile resources with big-endianess and have winebuild use the target
> option to recognize that resource file was compiled with big-endianess and
> read it as such, and not natively. This is not the case currently. Like I
> said, winebuild reads the res file using native byteorder and fails to check
> res header.

I put in a fix to byteswap the resource header if necessary, hopefully
this will do the right thing in your case.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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