Dimitrije Jankovic djankov at
Wed Aug 10 04:04:23 CDT 2005

Recently, a target option was added to winebuild, and winebuild code was
changed to use this option instead of preprocessor defines. I was wondering
if a similar option will be added to winegcc, based on which it would pass
the corresponding option to winebuild.
When using winegcc to crossbuild wine dlls between different platforms (for
instance x86-linux and sparc-solaris) that have different endianess more
problems arise, especially related to resources. The resource compiler
has --endianess option that caould be used to crosscompile resources, but
winebuild always reads resource files as if they were compiled natively,
maining --endianess cannot be used to crossbuild. Correct me if I'm wrong.
If I want to be able to crossbuild from x86-linux to sparc-solaris, I need
to compile resources with big-endianess and have winebuild use the target
option to recognize that resource file was compiled with big-endianess and
read it as such, and not natively. This is not the case currently. Like I
said, winebuild reads the res file using native byteorder and fails to check
res header.


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