Delete Dll(Un)RegisterServer in d3dxof.dll?

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Thu Aug 11 05:39:19 CDT 2005

Francois Gouget wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm relaying a question from Vincent Béron: we both had a look at the 
> winapi_check output and noticed that the comments of these functions 
> claim they are exported but in fact they are not: they are not 
> mentioned anywhere in the spec file.
> Now if I look at the APIs exported by d3dxof.dll on various versions 
> of Windows I don't see these APIs either. However it's possible that 
> they are only exported in recent versions of DirectX and I'm not sure 
> the DirectX dlls I have are that recent.
> So I think the question boils down to this: should the 
> Dll(Un)RegisterServer functions be removed or should they be exported?
All d3dxof dlls I have seen so far do not export them so I didn't put 
them in the spec (but forgot to removed the regsvr.c file).
I don't know how d3dxof objects are registered in Windows but the 
wine.inf should be a good place for that.

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