compile error in current cvs

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Aug 12 00:12:26 CDT 2005

> nothing changed. Here is the output of the grep on my config.status after 
> doing "../wine/configure && make depend && make" (i am doing "out of tree" 
> builds)
> s, at XML2LIBS@,,;t t
> s, at XML2INCL@,,;t t
> ${ac_dA}HAVE_LIBXML2${ac_dB}HAVE_LIBXML2${ac_dC}1${ac_dD}
> ${ac_uA}HAVE_LIBXML2${ac_uB}HAVE_LIBXML2${ac_uC}1${ac_uD}

Something strange seems to be happening with pkg-config. What is the 
output of the following commands?

pkg-config --libs libxml-2.0
pkg-config --cflags libxml-2.0

Additionally, which of the following files exist on your machine?




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