Winecfg and port access

Kuba Ober kuba at
Fri Aug 12 11:15:09 CDT 2005

> 	I am using TopMax software (a chip programmer) with old wine version (with
> config file).
> 	I try the new wine but i not find where grant the FULL parallel port
> access to the TopMax program
> 	Where is the new config file for touch manually? or
> 	How i can make for grant port access (standard 378-37f)

If you're using linux, you will most likely have to use a suid-root wrapper 
that calls ioperm() and subsequently drops privileges and invokes wine. 
That's about 10 lines of C and should be a good exercise ;] I don't know 
offhand how portable ioperm() is, and if there is something in /proc that 
would be more portable, etc.

I don't see anything suid-root that comes with wine, so probably wine itself 
doesn't have anything of the sort. And I don't know either how wine managed 
to pull it off before w/o using suid root executable, unless it did it via 
signal catching and some manual forwarding to /dev/lp#. With right ioperms in 
place the program should be able to run at full speed.


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