SHGetPathFromIDList problem

Michael Jung mjung at
Sat Aug 13 06:44:34 CDT 2005

Hi Ge,

On Friday 12 August 2005 17:19, Ge van Geldorp wrote:
> Since this patch:
> SHGetPathFromIDList() seems broken. The problem is that files stored in the
> Desktop directory don't get the path to the Desktop directory prepended.
> I've tried to fix it in the attached patch and added a testcase, but the
> shell COM interfaces easily confuse me, so perhaps someone with a better
> understanding of this stuff should look it over before I submit it to
> wine-patches.

I think the prepending of the Desktop path should happen in the Desktop 
Shellfolder, if it's GetDisplayNameOf method is called with the 
SHGDN_FORPARSING flag is set (instead of in SHGetPathFromIDList). I've 
modified your patch accordingly and added a testcase. Please submit to 
wine-patches, if you agree. 

Thanks for cleaning up all those resource leaks after me. 

Michael Jung
mjung at
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