RichEdit flicker

Phil Krylov phil at
Sun Aug 14 08:54:47 CDT 2005

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 18:51:06 +0400
Phil Krylov <phil at> wrote:

> > The paragraph structure should include not MEPF_REWRAP and MEPF_REPAINT
> > flags, but indexes of rows from which to start re-wrapping and repainting
> > (e.g. nStartRewrap and nStartRepaint). The wrapping routine should check if
> > it has actually changed wrapping and set nStartRepaint accordingly.
> > 
> > ME_Repaint should not call ME_PaintContent directly. Instead, the wrapping
> > routine (and probably others) should call InvalidateRect for screen areas
> > that need to be repainted.
> On other hand, the current code is pretty stable although flickering.
> Probably flickering could be more easily by drawing to an offscreen bitmap
> which would be just exposed by WM_PAINT.

I've just sent a patch that implements both approaches to wine-patches.

-- Ph.

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