calling *W functions in wt (Was: dlls/shell32/shfldr_desktop.c)

Ge van Geldorp gvg at
Mon Aug 15 06:58:15 CDT 2005

> From: Saulius Krasuckas
> Hello Ge and especially unicoders: 
> Alexandre, Dimi, Dmitry, Rob, Shachar, Troy and others.
> I am not sure of how should be file operations implemented in 
> winetest:
> *FileW and *DirectoryW functions fail on every win9x box as 
> they are unimplemented here. They succeed only when app is 
> linked to MS Layer for Unicode (MSLU) and MSLU is installed. [1]

Yeah, I see your point. I just followed the existing stuff in there, which
was all Unicode. For routines which implement the Ansi function by calling
the Unicode function with appropriate conversions, I guess it would be
better to test the the Ansi function, since this implicitly tests the
Unicode function too. Then again, this would make the test depend on
internals of the functions, not good. So the only solution seems to be to
test functions which have Ansi and Unicode implementations both ways (which
is kind of boring to write) on NT and skip the Unicode tests on Win9x.
Difficult stuff. I guess it's not an option to drop Win9x compatibility in
Wine <g>.

Ge van Geldorp.

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