[MSXML]xmlnode_get_nodeName Implementation

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 15 23:53:53 CDT 2005

Vijay Kiran Kamuju wrote:

> Do we have to register the IXMLDOMNode to the registry?
> As you did in the test for domdoc.
> I think we need to add all other basic interface's CLSID's to the registry?

IXMLDOMNode is an interface, which has an IID, not a CLSID.  We don't 
need to register interfaces for the moment, only CLSIDs.  The other 
CLSID we might want to register is CLSID_XMLDocument, but there's no 
implementation of that for the moment.  I have a stub in my tree, but I 
haven't submitted it as yet.

Interfaces only need to be registered if we want OLE automation (eg. 
IXMLDOMNode->Invoke()) to work, and I think they can be registered 
automatically using oleaut32.RegisterTypeLib().


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