winspool.drv: Conformance-Tests

Detlef Riekenberg at
Wed Aug 17 18:43:59 CDT 2005


I wrote a Commandline-Program for testing the Printing-API and found
many misterious behaviour.

While rewriting the conformance-tests for winspool.drv, how should we
handle this bugs / features ?

Example for GetPrinterDriverDirectory (W/A):

Win98se and WinME do not check the requested level
I marked that as todo("windows").
Is this ok?

Another Example for GetPrinterDriverDirectory and Enum*:

from MSDN:

[out] - Pointer to a value that specifies the number of bytes copied
        if the function succeeds, 
      - or the number of bytes required if cbBuf is too small.

On w2k, the the returned "number of bytes required" in the ANSI-Version
is the same as in the Unicode-Version.

For GetPrinterDriverDirectory, the rest from the unicode-version of the
result is visible in the second part of the buffer. 
(I Think, w2k fill the buffer with the unicode-version and convert
in-place to ANSI. Should we do the same ?)
I marked both Versions as valid. 
(buffersize == (datasize+datasize) and buffersize == datasize) 
Is this ok? 

By By ...
      ... Detlef

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