[Bug 3165] Patch available

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Thu Aug 18 19:39:09 CDT 2005

Duane Clark wrote:

>> Well the patch does improve the cursor. I can now see it. Although it 
>> is only grey. It there any reason why the best cursor selection method 
>> always checks for bits == 1. What about color cursors?
> I don't really understand how the patch fixed things, but...
> Riven uses a bunch of color cursors (hands pointing various directions). 
> Without the patch, only the standard pointer cursor was generated. This 
> cursor appeared and disappeared normally (the cursor is supposed to 
> disappear while some Quicktime clips are playing, and then reappear).
> With the patch, the color cursors reappeared and all are correct.

It should improve things over the original code that was there in 
cursoricon.c revision 1.9.  That code first checked if there was only 
one cursor, then returned it, but if there was more than on cursor, it 
would choose one a 1bpp cursor.  That scheme would miss out picking a 
cursor at all if there was two coloured cursors.

The new scheme makes sure that we always start with one cursor and 
improve over that.

I think the problem is that standard X cannot support coloured cursors. 
The Xcursor extension appears to, but we don't support that.  Any 


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