Weird issue with advapi32 tests on nt 4.0

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Fri Aug 19 04:55:36 CDT 2005

The advapi32 tests save a key, load it and delete the file, and all is fine.
But on nt 4.0 sp6 I'm getting a *really* weird, thing, a saved_key.LOG comes out of the blue, it 
appears to get written to disc after the RegLoadKey call at line 543 of 
dlls/advapi32/tests/registry.c, however this really shouldn't happen, why should RegLoadKey write 
this empty file? Has anyone else seen this? I was tempted to send a patch to just delete the file 
but I'm curious about where this file is coming from and why it gets created, anyone have a clue?.


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