IDA Pro regression

James Liggett jrliggett at
Fri Aug 19 21:53:58 CDT 2005

Yesterday, after not upgrading my wine CVS copy for about a month, I
upgraded to do some testing. I started IDA pro (version 4.8 demo) and
got ready to debug a DLL that's been giving me trouble. Getting ready to
start the debugger, I opened the General Registers window, and I noticed
that the boxes that show the contents of the registers were about five
times taller than they normally are. I set up the process options for
the debugger and tried to get back to the General Registers window to
start the debugger but IDA crashed with an "Abnormal Termination" error.
It doesn't give any unusual errors in the console. Can someone recommend
to me some tips for finding the problem? I have considered downgrading
CVS until I find the problem, but that seems like a *lot* of compiling
and recompiling. Is there a more efficient way to go about finding the
cause of the problem?

Thanks very much,
James Liggett

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