Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Sun Aug 21 18:31:07 CDT 2005

John Smith wrote:
> As a Win developer, I want to make a suggestion (sorry if it was already 
> discussed - or if similar mechanism already exists):
> What if some simple way will be provided for Win developers to say which 
> options they prefer for WINE to use for their application? While it may 
> seem to somewhat contradict to the 'big bright future' of the WINE (with 
> all the apps running flawlessly under WINE), it would hopefully allow 
> for immediate increase of out-of-the-box supported applications.
> For example, it could be a resource string of special format (for 
> example, "__WINE_CONFIG_HINT: "Managed" = "N""), and multiple hints 
> should be allowed. This hint should override system-wide settings but in 
> turn should be overridden by per-app settings in wine config file/registry.

This will just allow developers to hide bugs in wine and slow development even further, I thing it's 
a bad idea.


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