Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Aug 22 08:52:00 CDT 2005

> Then just tell your users to set that in winecfg, AFAIK winecfg allows app
> specific settings. I'm sure your great guys but any such mechanism could be
> easily abuse by lazy programmers, also once it wasn't needed some sort of
> backwards compatibility may even be needed, I don't think it's a great
> idea. One simple solution would be to provide default settings for apps
> that have known problems, Alexandre hasn't ruled that out if it helps some
> apps to work out of the box.
Isn't it possible that the App just writes some registry entries to 
HKCU/Software/Wine/AppDefaults/Filename.exe/   ???


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