Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

Felix Nawothnig felix.nawothnig at
Mon Aug 22 06:59:55 CDT 2005

John Smith wrote:
>> This will just allow developers to hide bugs in wine and slow 
>> development even further, I thing it's a bad idea.
> Ahem. To say it politely - I didn't get an impression that WINE 
> developers are desperately looking for unknown bugs to fix.

Because it's a tedious and boring task to narrow down those unknown bugs 
in closed-source apps. And that's exactly why we ask you (since you got 
access to the sources) to tell us what the application is trying to do 
which doesn't work in Wine...

Actually fixing bugs is usually easy, tracking them down OTOH...

> (we checked relevant portions of our code though for potential bugs and 
> found nothing)

Even if your application relies on undocumented behaviour ("potential 
bugs" heh) it should work - if it doesn't that's a bug in Wine which 
should be fixed.

And by the way:

Managed=N breaks focusing for everything on my box (bug #2149)... :-)


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