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John Smith devel8421 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 07:12:25 CDT 2005

>You can also set it yourselves in in your app. As configuration
>is in registry, every app can modify it.

I like this idea, thanks. There are still 2 issues with such a soultion:
a) most likely, it won't work until 2nd start of the application (we will 
modify it on the first run, and it most likely won't be applied until the 
second run);
b) current WINE guides are discouraging us from detecting WINE - and messing 
up with Windows Registry, especially HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, on all the millions 
of non-WINE machines is not a thing I would really like to do (the last 
thing we want is to be caught by some antivirus, which monitors activity it 
considers suspicious and changing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE can easily qualify).

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