Crash on glBegin() (Was: Help with debugging needed)

James Liggett jrliggett at
Mon Aug 22 17:16:25 CDT 2005

Hi Stefan,

> Now I've run into the next problem: Any call to glBegin(GL_Something) crashes 
> in the libs of my OpenGL driver(ATI fglrx) due to some NULL pointer 
> access[1]. If I disable Hardware Acceleration, the crash doesn't occur and 
> Empire Earth starts up to the Main Menu more or less successfully: It only 
> shows a black screen, but it reacts to keypresses(Sounds are playing, I can 
> take screenshots with the in-game Screen Shot Funktionality[2]. A +ddraw log 
> can be found at

Perhaps you should try upgrading your fglrx drivers. They released new
ones a few days ago. 


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