Remove unnecessary #pragma code_page(xxxx) statements from winefile .rc files

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Aug 22 23:38:38 CDT 2005

"Martin Fuchs" <martin-fuchs at> wrote:

> Please be carefull to remove the code page pragmas.
> IMHO this is not the correct way.
> When there is no other code page given, the resource compiler uses the
> current code page of the operating system. And I don't think, all of those
> language specific resource scripts will compile correct on all possible
> OS code pages.

This not a problem with Wine resource compiler. wrc correctly compiles
russian resources in my linux system with en_US locale, so I presume that
all other languages should be handled correctly as well. If that's not
the case for microsoft's rc, I'd consider it a bug in their tool.


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