secur32: Getting real functionality into the NTLM provider

Kai Blin blin at
Tue Aug 23 16:37:30 CDT 2005

* Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> [23/08/05, 20:39:52]:

Thanks for the comments. I see you points in all of them, apart from the
following one, where I didn't understand what you meant.

> > +    {
> > +        helper->pipe_in = fdopen(pipe_in[0], "r");
> > +        close(pipe_in[1]);
> > +        helper->pipe_out = fdopen(pipe_out[1], "w");
> > +        close(pipe_out[0]);
> > +    }
> You should avoid using stdio.

How would I do this avoiding stdio? ntlm_auth uses stdin and stdout to
read input and write output. This seems to be the Unix way of doing


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