Delphi 5 debugger is working!

Boaz Harrosh wine at
Wed Aug 24 09:48:57 CDT 2005

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

>As of todays CVS Delphi 5 debugger is fixed.
>Unfortunately fixing NtQueryVirtualMemory, NtProtectVirtualMemory and others
>is not that simple. Basically there are no way to do it from other processes.
>Ok, NtQueryVirtualMemory could be implemented some-what easily using
>NtReadVirtualMemory and possibly one more server call. But for others I see only
How does gdb do these things to a Linux process? I would think a 
Debugger should have such services from the Linux Kernel. Is not the 
Delphi debugger a Debugger through the debug services Wine implements? 
(dbghelp and friends)

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