wglMakeCurrent doesn't pick up HDC region

Russ matchmovie at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 23:29:54 CDT 2005

Trying to get my commercial 3-D app to run under WINE using the same binary
with the odd workaround or two. It uses OpenGL in various subwindows of the
main window as needed. Under WINE, the subwindow graphics all get drawn in the
lower left corner of the overall X11 window. In Win32, when you call
wglMakeCurrent, the opengl context is configured to match the size/position of
the HWND for the HDC, so drawing openGL goes just into the desired subwindow.
However, the WINE implementation of wglMakeCurrent just calls glXMakeCurrent
(and glXCreateContext), which produces the entire size of the X11 window,
resulting in the incorrect behavior observed. In my Mac OS X port, I have a
similar issue, resolved by calling aglSetInteger(glContext, AGL_BUFFER_RECT,...
I'm not sure what a glX equivalent would be to try, I don't see one offhand. As
is, emulating the wglMakeCurrent accurately appears impossible, such that apps
that use this Windows behavior can not be run. Suggestions welcome. 

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