Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Aug 24 21:30:49 CDT 2005

Le lun 22/08/2005 à 07:58, John Smith a écrit :
> 2. (not really relevant to this discussion, but relevant to the whole issue 
> of supporting end-users): binary RPMs for RedHat/Fedora on are 
> still 20050524, and winecfg is pretty much useless there. If WINE team does 
> care about end-users, it would be nice to have binary RPMs for the most 
> popular distribution not that much out-of-date.

Yes, that's my fault. After moving in June, I haven't found the time yet
to reinstall all my computer stuff (I'm typing this sitting on the floor
with my keybord on my knees), so I don't know when I'll get back to it.
I already missed two releases, and haven't produced any rpm for FC4 (for
which I get a couple emails per week).

If somebody wants to step up to the task (at least temporarily), I'd be
glad to share my experience with them.


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