OpenGL windowing and wglMakeCurrent

Vitaly Lipatov lav at
Fri Aug 26 10:53:00 CDT 2005

В сообщении от 26 Август 2005 15:32 Lionel Ulmer написал(a):
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 02:40:48PM -0700, Russ wrote:
> > Under WINE, the subwindow graphics all get drawn in the
> > lower left corner of the overall X11 window, and the entire X11 window's
> So we have two possible solutions:
>  = write our own GLX extension that exports to the user the clip-list
>  = use pbuffers for all GL renderings and use Wine's standard GDI functions
>             Lionel
Thank you for detailed description f the problem. I copied it into wiki, 
please check it at

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