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Paul Millar paul at
Fri Aug 26 11:40:06 CDT 2005

Hi Saulius,

On Thursday 25 Aug 2005 09:22, Saulius Krasuckas wrote:
> * On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Paul Millar wrote:
> > The cross-building part needs patching so it knows about an additional
> > part of the Win32 API.  Nothing new there. 
> Ok, but I perhaps do not understand, what the exact code is or looks like.

We're using MinGW for cross-compilation.

This has a few separate parts: binutils, gcc, w32api, run-time, ...  The 
w32api is part of the MinGW distribution, describing the Windows API.  The 
linker uses w32api to build the executable that will link correctly at 
run-time against Windows DLLs. 

> Is it available on the net?

Yes, its available.  The vanilla release are available from here:

The w32api releases lag somewhat from what wine actually implements (and so, 
what gets tested).  Because of this, to allow cross-compilation of winetest 
additional API calls need to be patched into w32api.

Precompiled versions of this improved MinGW are maintained by Hans Leidekker 
and are available from:

For somewhat obscure reasons, I've ended up using an independent script to 
generate the cross-compiler but it amounts to the same thing, especially as 
Hans, Stefan Leichter and myself share patches.

> And are you working alone? 

No, not at all!  All the patches against w32api have come from Hans or Stefan.

> > [...] Once this is done, things should be up and running again.
> Thanks, Paul, for the clarification.

No problem!

OK, so it looks like crypt32_test.exe wasn't building due to missing 
CryptHashCertificate at 28 definiton (should now be fixed), msi_test.exe due to 
missing MsiViewGetErrorA at 12 (now fixed) and shell32_test.exe due to missing 
CLSID_FolderShortcut (again, fixed).

But, dsound_test.exe is failing with:

i686-mingw32msvc-gcc capture.o ds3d.o ds3d8.o dsound.o dsound8.o propset.o 
testlist.o   -o dsound_test.exe -ldsound -lole32 -lversion -luser32 
-lkernel32 -ldxguid -luuid -ldxerr8
(.rdata+0x570): multiple definition of `CLSID_DirectSoundPrivate'
first defined here
(.rdata+0x580): multiple definition of `DSPROPSETID_DirectSoundDevice'
first defined here

Is this some kind of conflict between the MinGW definitions and wine's own 


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