Theming Support

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Sun Aug 28 07:58:07 CDT 2005

On 28.08.2005 14:30, Mike Hearn wrote:
> One issue is that GTK+ 2.8 (the newest version, just released) now uses
> Cairo for rendering. I'm not sure how we should approach this - I suspect
> if widgets start drawing themselves without using the GDI stuff will break
> in weird ways (clipping and such), so it may need odd hacks like compiling
> GTK+ and Cairo as ELF DLLs so they can load native theming engines but
> draw using a Win32 build of Cairo.

Wouldn't it be possible to, say, have the GTK theming draw to a pixmap
(GdkPixmap or so, afaik with my meager GTK knowledge), get a raw data
buffer (RGBA or so) and draw this with Win32 APIs (e.g. AlphaBlend())?


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