wined3d - d3d9 regression testing 7_12_2005

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Sun Aug 28 13:06:01 CDT 2005

On 8/28/05, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just found the old mail, the following might be interesting:
> > Thanks, I've got the game running how Battlefront looked.  Fonts are
> > messed up, and some rendering problems, but it does run for me.
> > Battlefront has a crashing problem I know Oliver knows how to fix.
> Battlefield renders really fine if you disable the vertex shaders in winecfg.
> The only remaining Direct3D problem are some glitches with the smoke and the
> explosions. The font troubles don't seem to be D3D related, as some fonts are
> shown correctly, for example the player names if you look at someone.
> From the D3D part it looks better than in cedega: Watter effect are better,
> Pixel Shaders work nice, more stable(Cedega crashes my fglrx driver under
> certain conditions).
> Remaining problems are: The game works only in Desktop mode, only 800x600, the
> mouse tends to leave the window. The sound doesn't work, and of course the
> obvious font problem. And last, in the loading picture the Red and the Blue
> channel seem switched, which gives the pictures some modern art touch ;-)
> Congrats to Oliver.
> Stefan

Well, I do have vertex shaders on.  The problem I'm having with
battlefield is that the screen moves 25% of the screen off the top and
left sides and cutting off 25% of the bottom and right (black) when I
get to the loading screen.   If I can hit the buttons to enter the
game, then it does it for 25% more of all the sides, and makes the
game nearly unplayable.

It's been reported to me that the fonts are now messed up in Warcraft
3 in D3D as well.  I don't believe this was the case before.


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