accessing WRT binaries on the web

Paul Millar paul at
Mon Aug 29 10:05:05 CDT 2005

On Saturday 27 Aug 2005 21:28, Hans Leidekker wrote:
> I remember that too now :-). I wrongly assumed Wine's header was correct.
> Paul, there's a patch in my RPMS that backs out these defines. It's called
> w32api_lib_directx_dxguid_c_02.patch.gz

Ta.  I've added that patch too, now.

Next problem is gcc has gone off in the huff and refusing to build anymore (at 
least, as a cross-compiler).  The error message is:
  ../../gcc/crtstuff.c:607: error: mode `SI' applied to inappropriate type
I've not changed gcc, so it must be the result of the new w32api version 
(along with the patches).

Looking at the code, there isn't anything obvious causing the problem.  Since 
I've not changed anything major in gcc, I think I can just ignore the build 
error and use the existing cross-compiler.  This doesn't bode well, though, 
so I'll upgrade to the latest mingw as soon as I've got a few other TODOs out 
of the way ...

So, I'll give this a go and we'll see what happens.



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