Need help debugging a memory corruption bug in shfldr_unixfs.c

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Aug 29 11:09:01 CDT 2005

Phil Krylov wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 22:10:16 +0200
> Michael Jung <mjung at> wrote:
>> 2) Did other people see this bug already? 
> Yes, I confirm it.

I am seeing it now, using winecfg and browsing to "Add application..." 
in the Applications tab. And this entirely within wine drives. The exact 
same crash though, always immediately after a double click on a folder. 
If I click once on a folder and click open, it works fine. So I suspect 
something being triggered by the double click.

=>1 0xffffe002 (0x4076ee80)
   2 0x42028c55 abort+0x1d5 in (0x4076efb0)
   3 0x42021043 in (+0x21043) (0x4076eff0)
   4 0x40bf13be in comctl32 (+0x313be) (0x4076f074)
   5 0x40bf906f notify_itemactivate+0x5f(infoPtr=0x40257e18, 
htInfo=0x4076f124) [/home/wine/dlls/comctl32/listview.c:791] in comctl32 
   6 0x40bf614c LISTVIEW_LButtonDblClk+0x6c(infoPtr=0x40257e18, 
wKey=0x1, x=0x5, y=0x4d) [/home/wine/dlls/comctl32/listview.c:8100] in 
comctl32 (0x4076f150)
   7 0x40bf7fa8 LISTVIEW_WindowProc+0x534(hwnd=0x10068, uMsg=0x203, 
wParam=0x1, lParam=0x4d0005) [/home/wine/dlls/comctl32/listview.c:9372] 
in comctl32 (0x4076f1b4)
   8 0x40a5f6d3 WINPROC_wrapper+0x17 in user32 (0x4076f1d8)

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