[Bug 3148] Mouse: multi-file "selection" & drag behavior broken

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 18:21:26 CDT 2005

--- Vitaly Lipatov <lav at etersoft.ru> wrote:

> ÷ ÓÏÏÂÝÅÎÉÉ ÏÔ 24 á×ÇÕÓÔ 2005 22:14 ÷Ù ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌÉ:
> > If Vitaly is busy and won't object, I can resync
> his changes to the
> > current CVS and send a patch from his name.
> Well, I resent my patch again to wine-devel...

And the bug lives on in wine-20050830.  Is this
something I should not hope on ever getting fixed or
having the patch merged into the tree?

I think this is a REALLY serious bug.  What good is
Wine if mouse behavior is broken? :(


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