Wine 20050830 and Notes 6.51

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Aug 31 12:05:00 CDT 2005

Kevin DeKorte wrote:

>Wine 20050830 will not startup Notes 6.51, rolling back to the previous 
>version works fine.
>Crash Dump:
>wine nlnotes
>fixme:uniscribe:ScriptGetProperties 0x61be3aa8,0x61be3a7c
>fixme:uniscribe:ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution 1024,0x61be3a70
>wine: Call from 0x41558608 to unimplemented function 
>usp10.dll.ScriptCacheGetHeight, aborting

Set the dll overrides for usp10 to "native" or "" until it is 
sufficiently implemented.

Rob Shearman

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