include/guiddef.h: C++ compatibility patch

Troy Rollo troy at
Wed Aug 31 15:46:22 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 31 August 2005 19:10, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
onst GUID name
> PSDK has 'extern' for both C and CPP cases, just the CPP one has 'extern
> "C"'. We have to use the same approach.

Why? We have to get the same *result*, but that doesn't mean we have to have 
the same *code*.

'extern "C"' on a non-member non-function global is perfectly meaningless to 
most C++ compilers. As far as I am aware, only MSVC++ mangles global 
variables. The 'extern "C"' is thus there to deal with a broken feature of 
the MSVC++ compiler, and is not applicable here unless somebody wants to 
compile C++ for Winelib using MSVC++ without the PSDK - something which I 
suspect would have many more obstacles in its path than just this.

Unless there is a functional reason for doing exactly what is done in the PSDK 
we should actually avoid, as far as possible, doing so. We walk a fine line 
as it is on copyright law. Copying form that is not dictated by function 
takes us into more dangerous territory (see  Feist Publications v Rural 
Telephone Service).
troy at - Sydney, Australia
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