Wine device drivers proposal

Evgeny F johnlen at
Wed Aug 31 17:43:13 CDT 2005

Damjan Jovanovic <dj015 at> wrote:

> What "microdriver" are you talking about? Are you 
> working on STI? For STI, there is a convention for
> Windows 2000 and onwards, something like
> \\.\USBSCAN\... (check the STI documentation on MSDN).
> If it's STI, I have some code; do you want it?
Yes, it is scanner microdriver.
> Yes, boundaries absolutely must be preserved, because
> USB bulk reads and writes occur in packets, not as
> streams. How are you going to extract packets from a  
> stream at the other end?

There are some new type of socket, present since 2.6.4 kernel described 
in unix(7) manual page - SOC_SEQPACKET, which is both 
connection-oriented and preserves message bounderies. Will it work for  
that purpose

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