wine-devel Digest, Vol 4, Issue 151

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Dec 1 03:54:54 CST 2005

Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at> writes:

> On 11/30/05, Andrea Capiluppi <a.capiluppi at> wrote:
>> i'm involved in a study of the evolution of wine, based on its releases: so
>> far i tried to collect what i could find on the web, but some of the earliest
>> points i'm still missing: maybe somebody involved in the development of wine
>> still has these oldest releases?
>> i'll be glad to illustrate the research if (anybody) interested
> 1.  Read documentation/ChangeLog.OLD
> 2.  Read old posts for releases
> 3.  CVS contains releases dating back a long way

I already mentioned this to Andrea, but it may interest others: the
new git repository on WineHQ contains all the releases I have, going
back to 1993. You can browse it at, or
see the GitWine page on the wiki for instructions on how to download

Alexandre Julliard
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