Problem with serial port.

Félix Ortega guile-listas at
Thu Dec 1 04:40:45 CST 2005

Quoting gslink <gslink at>:

> Did you check out that flow control is handled correctly from the 
> Olivetti printer.  I have had this happen in the past and in every 
> case I found that either I was using the wrong flow control or not 
> taking it into account.
Finally it results that my problem was a hardware problem, the machine where I
make the linux test had a faulty serial port. I plugged a usb serial adapter
and almost everything worked out of the box. I'm really impressed with the
serial port driver codec in wine.

Now I have a problem with the olivetti printer, I think the timeout raises
before all the buffer is sent to the printer, and when the program calls
PurgeComm the buffer resets and leave the printer in the middle of the page. I
will try the tcdrain patch suggested by Cihan Altinay.

Many thanks to everybody.

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