opengl support in wine

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Thu Dec 1 10:12:47 CST 2005

I've had a discussion with someone through this list about wine and It was
about wine using dlopen("") instead of linking directly with

I still don't understand why the wine developers have made this 
decision. I'm again at
the point where I need to hook OpenGL (glX) functions ahd I have to 
patch wine again
to make it work.
There is absolutely no reason not to link with directly:
Even if you make OpenGL a hard dependency, nothing will break. Just announce
it well so that everybody understands the change and make 
--disable-opengl the default
option. Now everyone can get wine and it will work out-of-the-box and 
those who want
opengl can enable it (and the distribution packagers should make sure 
wine depends on
opengl when building the package).


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