A working winelib application

Toan T Nguyen nguyenthetoan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 16:02:16 CST 2005


This is to let you know that I'm porting Quake 2 Evolved (Q2E) program
to Linux using winelib. It compiles and works beautifully, at least on
my PentiumM laptop (I actually link with native linux libjpeg, zlib,
openal and dl at the compile time, winelib is used for opengl, winmm
and wsock32). The author has allowed my linux commit to the CVS. More
information on Q2E can be found at www.quake2evolved.com. The specific
discussions about linux Q2E can be found here:



There are two small problems left that I hope the wine developer can
test and help. Browsing the save or load games menu is quite sluggish.
I don't know why. Also, I don't have an AMD64 system to test this on.
If someone here would like to help out, I'm grateful.


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