Compile error in dlls/wininet/netconnection.c

Pavel Roskin proskin at
Thu Dec 1 11:43:49 CST 2005

Hello, Robert!

Your last change in dlls/wininet/netconnection.c breaks compilation
without openssl:

netconnection.c:246: error: syntax error before '*' token
make: *** [netconnection.o] Error 1

It happens because check_hostname() uses an argument of unknown type
X509.  Also, check_hostname() is unused.

The simplest fix would be to define check_hostname() only when it's
used.  Proposed patch:

--- dlls/wininet/netconnection.c
+++ dlls/wininet/netconnection.c
@@ -243,11 +243,13 @@ BOOL NETCON_close(WININET_NETCONNECTION 
     return TRUE;
+#if defined HAVE_OPENSSL_SSL_H && defined HAVE_OPENSSL_ERR_H
 static BOOL check_hostname(X509 *cert, char *hostname)
     /* FIXME: implement */
     return TRUE;
  * NETCON_secure_connect

Pavel Roskin

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